Rules for using the OLYMPLAND game room

Rules for using the OLYMPLAND game room - OPERATING RULES

Dear guests, by entering the OLYMPLAND gaming room you acknowledge the general business conditions and operating rules of the OLYMPLAND gaming room. Information on opening hours and valid prices can be found on the website

Attractions are designed for children under 14 years. The operator does not assume the obligation associated with the supervision of children. The care and supervision of children is the responsibility of their entourage only. We warn those accompanying children to do their duty really consistently. The operator 's personnel do not have a supervisory relationship. The game room is equipped with a camera system with a recording device - you can find more about the protection of personal data in the Olymp and Olympland premises at

  • For operational and hygienic reasons, entry to the game room and all attractions in it is only allowed in SOCKS (we recommend spare socks).
  • In the interest of the safety of children, own toys may not be used in the playroom area, in particular it is forbidden to use hard or sharp objects in the playroom area - this also applies, for example, to new birthday presents. We draw your attention to the dangers that can arise from the laces of T-shirts and sweatshirts.
  • Climbing external and internal networks is prohibited, as well as the construction of all objects, reaching for cables, lights, speakers and cameras. Prohibition of moving furniture and removing decorations.
  • The trampoline center is designed for children up to 60 kg and 170 cm high. The trampoline may only be used by one person at a time, climbing and hanging on internal and external nets and structures and touching the ceiling is prohibited. Jumping into balls in front of the trampoline is only possible when no one is in the balls. Salta are strictly forbidden due to the high risk of injury.
  • Volcano - a ban on climbing to the top of the volcano, hanging on a basketball hoop.
  • The play corner for the youngest children is intended for children under 4 years. Please do not allow children to bring toys from the playroom to the restaurant.
  • The pirate ship is intended for children from 3 to 12 years of age, but up to a maximum height of 140 cm.
  • All Olympland parts and appliances may only be used in accordance with their intended use. Gaming devices and equipment are used at your own risk. The manufacturer and supplier are responsible for the safety of individual devices with their certificates. Attractions meet the highest safety requirements and are regularly inspected. Visitors can share comments and defects regarding the operation with our employees.
  • Older children 7 years of age can visit the attractions unaccompanied by an adult, but only after filling in and signing the form of POWER of Attorney by the legal representative. The operator does not take responsibility for supervising these children. Children under the age of 7 can only be accompanied by an adult.
  • If the permitted number of visitors is exceeded, staff may block further entries. Claims against the operator arising from these restrictions are excluded.
  • The visitor is liable for damages caused by negligence or intent or for damages caused to other visitors when using all equipment. Visitors are always obliged to follow the instructions of the operator's staff. In case of inappropriate behavior or non-compliance with the instructions of the staff, they may be expelled from the gaming area, in which case the entrance fee will not be refunded. Persons suffering from a contagious disease, nausea, illness or so-called quarantine are prohibited from entering the game room. Animals are not allowed. Adults without children are not allowed.
  • The cloakroom next to the games room is used at your own risk. The operator does not accept liability for items or clothing stolen from lockers, hangers or shoe boxes.
  • Parents are obliged to acquaint their children with the Operating Rules in a manner appropriate to the child's age. The current wording of the operating rules is posted in a visible place in the game room.
    General Terms and Conditions
  1. Use of all attractions is at your own risk. Attractions meet safety requirements and are regularly inspected. Parents or other adults accompanying children are responsible for any damage caused to children, their parents or other visitors caused by unprofessional control or manipulation. The operator's liability is thus limited to gross negligence.
  2. Parents and accompanying persons are obliged to supervise their children in such a way that the equipment and attractions are not damaged. Parents and accompanying persons are responsible for the behavior of children. The operator's staff has no supervisory relationship.
  3. The principle of considerate treatment applies when using all devices. In the event of a gross violation of this principle, these persons may be expelled by the authorized person without refund of the entrance fee.
  4. Climbing external and internal nets and structures is prohibited. Only children under the age of 5 are allowed to enter the playroom for the youngest children. Children under the age of 3 are allowed to enter the premises of these facilities only if accompanied by an adult. The use of all attractions is only possible in socks.
  5. It is forbidden to bring food, drinks, sweets and other foods.
  6. For the safety of one's own child as well as other children, one's own toys must not be brought into the playroom, in particular it is forbidden to use hard, loose or sharp objects in the playroom area.
  7. The premises are equipped with a camera system with a recording device - more about personal data protection here

Operator: PRATR as, Náchodská 524, 541 03 Trutnov

Valid from 1.9. 2018